Morgen Früh setze ich mich in den Flieger und mache mich auf den Weg zur Kopenhagen Fashion Week. Die Vorfreude ist, wie jede Saison, groß –  schöne Mode von früh bis spät, nette Menschen und tolle Locations. Zum Startschuss habe ich mir sechs der bekanntesten dänischen Bloggerinnen geschnappt und zum Kurzinterview gebeten. Sie verraten, auf welche Shows und Partys sie sich am meisten freuen, wie ihre Outfit-Master-Pläne aussehen und wer oder was ihre Fashion-Week-Partner in crime sind.

Sidsel bloggt auf Fashionpolish.dk und ist PR- and Marketing-Coordinator bei Mads Nørgaard, Trine bloggt auf Trineswardrobe und arbeitet als freie Stylistin, unter anderem für die dänische Cover, Frede schreibt auf Fredesblog und stylt für die Morgensendung „Go’Morgen Danmark“, Marie von Blameitonfashion lebt mittlerweile in London und hat vor kurzem das Onlinemagazin Luelle gegründet, Tikkie postet auf Adélie und betreibt den gleichnamigen Store und die rothaarige Fiona bloggt auf Spotding und arbeitet unter anderem als DJane. Die hübschen Sechs gehören zu meinen skandinavischen Lieblingen, umso mehr freue ich mich, dass sie meine Fragen beantwortet haben.

1. I♥PONYS Magazine: Hej girls, what three fashion shows are you most looking forward to?

Sidsel: It’s hard to name only three shows! Mads Nørgaard has return to the show scene of Copenhagen Fashion Week after many years of absense. His previous shows were epic and this has potential to be just as cool. Wood Wood always has a special vibe of cool cats and street kids and Anne Sofie Madsen and Freya Dalsjø continuously blow me away with their talent.

Trine: I always love Stine Goya’s show – since the surrounding and collection always match perfectly. I’ve already seen some sneak peeks of the collection, and it looks amazing. Unfortunately I won’t attend the Wood Wood show this year since I’m in Stockholm for fashion week, but I love their designs and I’m sure their show is going to be fantastic. Besides these two shows I always love Bruuns Bazaar, By Malene Birger, Baum und Pferdgarten and Designers Remix.

Frede: I think that there are so many great brands present at Copenhagen Fashion Week, but this year I’m most excited about Designers Remix, Baum und Pferdgarten and Bruuns Bazaar.

Marie: By Malene Birger, Bruuns Bazaar and Designers Remix. I tend to love everything Charlotte Eskildsen puts her hands on.

Fiona: Anne Sofie Madsen, Freya Dalsjo and Wackerhaus.

Tikkie: Stine Goya, Wood Wood, Mads Nørgaard.


Cold beers and music!

2. Your favourite event or party?

Sidsel: I think Wood Wood’s afterparty will be crazy fun and Soulland will close this fashion week friday with a night to remember!

Trine: I’m quite sure that the Soulland afterparty on the club called „Sunday“ is going to be fun. And I’m also looking forward to Cover, the magazine that I work for, is throwing a party thursday together with Munthe.

Frede:  I can’t wait to go to the Mads Nørgaard event on thursday afternoon. Cold beers and music!

Marie: The NY NY party on Friday, which I can’t go to as I’m heading back to London. They always do the best parties!

Fiona: Reward Style dinner on Wednesday, Anne Sofie Madsen x House of Fangs party on Thursday, Gallery Asbæk – Nikoline Liv Andersen and Soulland party on Friday.

Tikkie: I actually will be laying low this fashion week. I have the Adélie boutique, so besides seeing the shows I have a lot of buyers meetings with my brands.


My new sneakers will be my fashion week survival shoes.


3. Who or what is your fashion week partner in crime?

Sidsel: I got a new friend called Stan Smith. My new sneakers will be my fashion week survival shoes. And hopefully a beer with some of my girls from the business like Fredesblog, Adelie and Whynotblog.

Trine: My friend Clara and I have so much fun at the parties during fashion week.

Frede: It’s most def. Tikkie from Adélie & Sidsel from Fashionpolish.

Marie: Instagram. And of course my camera and great heels. I’ll be running the streets with Funda (my colleague from Luellemag) and the lovely Charlotte, Irina and Evangelie.

Fiona: My iPhone and iPad mini.

Tikkie: My phone, camera and Frede are my fashion week essentials!


My number one rule is not to dress very different than I normally do.


4. Spontaneous or planned? Are you planning your fashion week outfits?

Sidsel: I try to plan them but then in the morning I sometime get a melt down. My number one rule is not to dress very different than I normally do. I wanna get dressed not dressed up.

Trine: Always spontaneous which make it quite difficult for me to pack when I attend foreign fashion weeks.

Frede: Uhh… partially planned but i know i will change my mind in the last minute!

Marie: I wish I could plan my outfits as it would save me from a lot of what-to-wear crisis during fashion weeks. However I suck at planning outfits, which is actually really strange as I strongly believe that I’m very good at planning everything else. I guess the problem is that even though my style is super simple I feel like wearing a girly skirt one day and a pair of leather pants the next.

Fiona: No, I haven’t planned outfits, but I just borrowed some great pieces from Danish Libertine Libertine and & Other stories which I will add to some warm layers and fur.

Tikkie: Spontaneous!


You need something stronger than coffee to survive fashion week.


5. Your hotspot in Copenhagen between or after the shows?

Sidsel: Any place they serve me coffee! Or maybe a cold beer – you need something stronger than coffee to survive fashion week.

Trine: I’ll definitely be drinking a lot of coffee at my favorite coffee shop called Kompa`9 – it’s just beside my office and they make the best coffee in town.

Frede: Ricco’s coffee in Studiestræde or Kaf’Bar.

Marie: I’ll spoil myself with a massage at Arndal Spa and a facial at Complete Me in-between shows.

Fiona: I will mainly be in other people’s closets, filming for „Spotding Closet“ videos. At night I probably be at Sunday club Dj’ing or dancing.

Tikkie: The press bus, coffee at Kompa`9 and lunch at Pastis.

I♥PONYS Magazine: Thank you girls. See you in Copenhagen!


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