Beim Zeitschriftenhändler meines Vertrauens habe ich vor kurzem zufällig *Stella* entdeckt. Angezogen von dem pastellfarbenen Cover und der Strecke „My little Pony“, musste das A5-Magazin mit. Eine kurze Recherche ergab, dass Stella aus Kopenhagen kommt und von Laura Terp Hansen gegründet wurde.

Wer heutzutage ein eigenes Magazin auf die Beine stellen möchte, braucht nicht nur Talent und Mut, sondern auch finanzielle Mittel. Wie die 35-jährige Grafikdesignerin sich ihren Traum verwirklicht hat, was es mit Stella auf sich hat und wie viel von ihrem persönlichen Stil im Magazin steckt, erfahrt ihr im Interview nach dem Sprung.

Laura Terp Hansen is the Founder and  Art Dirctor of the danish magazine *Stella*. Find my interview after the jump!


I♥PONYS: How did you get the idea to develop your own magazine?
Laura Terp Hansen: I am a huge fan of all sorts of magazines! I have worked in the magazine business for seven years as an Art Director at different lifestyle and fashion magazines for women. I think that a lot of magazines for women look like each other and I get very bored of the stereotypes that they present. There is a lot of focus on how women look and dress, instead of focusing on what they actually do. Don´t get me wrong I love being inspired of beautiful pictures in fashion and lifestyle magazines, I just need something else as well, something deeper to read about. Why are the articles always so short in most women´s magazine? I wanted to make a magazine for women that combines culture, fashion, music and feature interesting women.

Tell me more about the concept behind Stella.
Stella magazine is a biannual magazine for women. The magazine features women who are interesting because of what they do and think rather than because of how they look or how big a wardrobe they’ve got.

Why is it called Stella?
I have been looking into many names! Mostly girl names that was in my family. My great grandmother´s name was Ella, but it was too close to Elle, so I landed on Stella – which means “star”. I really like the name and found it appropriate for a magazine of this kind.

Do we also find your personal style in Stella magazine?
Oh yes! I love pastel colours, nice paper, beautiful images, interesting stories, surprises and original art and handwork.

You are a small team and you working with some freelancers. How do you finance it? Do you also have another job?
We all work pro bono. Besides Stella I do a lot of freelance work as a graphic designer. I do a lot of magazine design for bigger clients here in Denmark.

Why did you decide to develop a print magazine in this „hyped“ internet world?
I love the feeling of holding and flicking through a magazine. To feel the texture of the paper and hold it in your own hands gives you a special feeling. An online magazine can´t beat that.

Every issue has its own topic. Where do you get your inspiration?
We are a small team meeting up and brainstorming on ideas. We go with what we like ourselves and what we sense would be interesting for our readers to read about. We aim to do it our very own way and not to publish the same stories like most of the mainstream magazines.

5 things you need in winter:
A new cape to keep me warm.
A nice cup of tea.
A good book to read – I am reading Siri Hustvedt latest book – „The Summer Without Men“ at the moment.
A colourful scarf.
Some nice summer memories to remember.

Thank you!


Weitere Eindrücke der aktuellen *Pop Issue*:

Buy *Stella* here.


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